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Ultrasonic Tank Crawlers

Ultrasonic Tank Crawler System

Engineering & Inspections International has acquired the Scan Tech C-1 Spider System. This ultrasonic thickness testing scanner is capable of scanning various areas of equipment such as up the side of tanks, tank roofs, pressure vessels, piping of various diameters, piping in the horizontal position, piping in the vertical position, columns, reactors, and many other applications.

The scanner attaches to the side of a tank by using high strength rare-earth magnetic wheels. The unit is remotely controlled with a 100 feet umbilical cord along with a water pump and reservoir to ensure proper water path. All data is downloaded directly to a laptop  computer.

System Features

  • Portable, Rugged, Dependable System
  • Battery Operated or 120 V power available
  • Operates with an A-Scan for reliable accurate readings with echo to echo or interface gating options
  • Four (4) Wheel Drive System
  • High Strength Rare-Earth Magnets
  • Flexible, Large Suspension, with Speed Reduction for High Torque
  • 100 feet of cable with RG 58 Coax for UT signal
  • Data Captured via Laptop Computer and presentable in Excel Format

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