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Laser Mapping System


External Corrosion Mapping Scanner (laser profilometry)

The Laser Mapper makes external corrosion mapping and laser profilometry practical when used in conjunction with our automated scanner systems. The laser beam intensity self adjusts based on variable surface conditions (dull or shiny) to obtain a depth reading without loss of data. Scanning speeds can be achieved at speeds up to 30″ per second.

The Laser Mapper system includes a small and light weight controller box with 12vdc power supply and encoder cable. It also includes the laser sensor which mounts to our existing automated and manual scanning equipment and emits a small laser beam to the surface, then the beam distance is measured and interpolated into a thickness value using the ProScan acquisition and analysis software. The laser depth range is 1” (25mm) of displacement with accuracies within +/-0.002”. Set up is simple, place the laser sensor 1” above the target surface and set the software depth measurement on an un-corroded surface to 0” and then scan away.

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